Job: Second Engineer Self Propelled Jack Up ARAMCO Closed

You are 2nd Engineer with solid experience on self propelled jack ups and AHTS. You are well versed in trouble shooting and able to easily follow instructions from your CE. 

You are happy to work in the middle east in an ARAMCO oilfield. 

Vessel: Self propelled Jack Up

Rank: Second Engineer (2E)

Rota: To be confirmed

Project: ARAMCO

Location: Middle East Asia

Salary: To be confirmed

Contract:planned as back to back

Date to Join: To be confirmed

Middle East - Saudi ARAMCO Oilfield
To be confirmed
Long term emploment.
Valid STCW certificates. 24 months experience as 2E on self propelled jack up or as CE on AHTS. unlimited 2E COC
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Dec 31, 2017

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